love in a lunch box

The dollar store definitely helps puts the L-O-V-E in my kid’s lunch boxes, but let’s talk about adding excitement without adding time to your daily routine – making school lunches cannot be a full day event, so the trick to making it easy is to stock up.  I have a drawer in my kitchen (but really you could use a dollar store bin) where I keep computer printed notes, cupcake liners, and interesting containers I have collected from the dollar store.  When I want to add some excitement to their lunch I just pull open my drawer and swap out some containers or add some jokes.

Want to peek inside the drawer?  I’m also posting some of the past silly lunches to get you started with some ideas.

Now i definitely do not go all out everyday! But here are some of the special occasion lunch from last year…..

Halloween Lunch

Wrap those juice boxes in crepe paper and glue on some googly eyes, black sharpie marker made my orange fruit cups in jack-o-lanterns and throw in some printed Halloween jokes…. so easy it’s scary.

lunches  (3).jpg

Monster Lunches

Creepy smiles, bit of yarn & googly eyes taped to tupperware.

lunches  (4).jpg

Christmas Lunch

Some snowman cookie cutters & my a little sharpie art put us right in the holiday spirit.  Can’t forget a printable (this one has candy stapled to it).  * Yes, I admit – I send candy.

lunches  (5)


Ok before you freak out….. I actually got these amazing food colouring markers which means i can draw on my kids sandwiches and it’s totally edible.  Plastic eggs aren’t just from the Easter Bunny, they make great lunch surprise containers.

lunches  (8).jpg

Earth Day

Keeping it simple but still exciting with bug stickers, a printable note, fun shaped containers (thank you dollar store) and an earth sandwich.

lunches  (7).jpg